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Chocolate Lover

Chocolate… For those that know me, would know that chocolate should be my middle name. I’m a self confessed chocoholic. It’s even in my about me blurb. So why am I writing a blog about my love for chocolate? Well for the past month I have given chocolate the boot! I know right… what the hell is wrong with me?

We had just returned from a weekend getaway down south plus it had been a week long stint of a clingy, teething Little Miss and usually I would have blocks of chocolate on hand to snack on each night, which would often turn into multiple blocks a week. Especially when I got my hands on some Caramilk “insert drool emoji”. I clearly remember eating a whole block of Caramilk in one sitting. I also found myself constantly overeating, drinking soft drink a lot and generally being quite unhealthy.   

So I thought to myself, lets get my shit together and quit eating so much. When it comes to healthy food, I didn’t go nuts, as I’m really not a fan of salads (you don’t make friends with salad - I bet you sang that!), nor did I starve myself. I stopped eating so much at breakfast and replaced with a shake (and secret shot of coffee), wrap or a sandwich at lunch and then veg and meat at dinner. Little to no snacks, pretty much just snack on Jatz, mostly because they’re Little Miss’ favourite.

I really didn’t think I would get this far. I’m not strict on myself, as I have the occasional muffin with Little Miss at a coffee shop and at Kingsway Tavern last week I indulged with ribs and chips. But I’m giving this self control thing a red hot go.

I don’t want to brag and make people hate me for having a bit of self control, I just want to post about how damn proud I am of myself. I’m doing this for me. And it’s been a long time since I’ve stuck to something and done something for me. 

And my god it’s made me feel so much better. I’m doing things little bit by little bit and not all at once, so I can hopefully try to get more than one thing working at a time. If I can nail this whole smaller, bit healthier living, then I’ll look into adding some exercise. Because my god I hate exercising. Apart from walking round shops or chasing Little Miss around the yard, I don’t exercise. I know I should but I really dislike it. Despite what I wear every day, it’s a lie… there is no exercise happening in these clothes lately.

But these little steps, I have noticed a change in myself. I have more energy, even though some days are still flat, I feel like I’m getting shit done better than I ever have before. I’m less out of breath, even if I’m not exercising yet, eating less is really helping. And finally even though I have resisted the urge to step on the scales, I think I’m losing weight. When hubby says you look like you’ve lost weight, some could make a fight about why is he commenting on my weight but it made me feel happy and proud. And when they say they’re proud of you, a little bit of you just melts. 

I think about having some chocolate, a piece or two but I think for now I will stay off the chocolate and work my way step by step. And if anyone is thinking to do something similar, perhaps give up just one thing and not a few like myself. Then think to yourself, if bloody Sammy can give up chocolate for a whole month, then god damn I can do it. YOU CAN DO IT! (Now you’re picturing the ugly guy off Adam Sandler movies!) And if you need support lets help each other! I’m here! I might not give you advice on good calorie counting or exercise programs but I have two ears and I can listen to rants that often eat us up and lead us to the unhealthy food.


Sammy x

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