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Getting through COVID-19

From October 2019 through to February 2020, I had seen my family in Victoria on five occasions (mostly week long trips). Even living over in Perth, we had always made the effort to get back as much as we could and even more now that Miss Azalea had arrived. 

We had just returned from our latest trip for the Mibus wedding when a little thing called COVID-19 hit. I didn’t think much of it at first. Brad and I joked about him not drinking Coronas anymore, as I’m sure heaps of other people joked at the time too… Then shit got real.   

It wasn’t a joke anymore. My family and friends haven’t been infected by the virus (touch wood) but times were hard. And well, they still are now. We had my Mum’s 50th & Azalea’s 1st Birthday party organised in Victoria, and we had to cancel. We were unable to travel. The borders got shut and life got cancelled. Azalea and I were stuck at home with all our activities cancelled. No swimming, no sensory classes, no visiting people, no Mummy and Azalea coffee dates.

Being in Perth, away from family and friends is hard enough but we always had a trip back to look forward to or plan. Not having anything to work towards sucked. And I felt sorry for Azalea, as I wasn’t in a good place most days. I was lost, lonely and found it hard to get motivated about anything. And found it particularly hard seeing Brad being able to get out of the house and go about his day normally, even if it was just for work. We were trapped at home and he was allowed out. That sucked. My work also slowed with events I design for cancelled and not as much work flow coming in.

I know a lot of people were worse off than us though. Some friends lost their jobs, some also couldn’t travel and some had newborns during the pandemic. It was a real shit time for all. 

Then WA got its shit together and bit by bit life is starting to get a bit better. Swimming classes and face-to-face sensory classes have resumed. Azalea is thriving in them being able to see other kids and touch them. And give her little friend at swimming kisses and cuddles. Shops are open again, we got to have a little get together for Azalea’s 1st Birthday and I had stuff to work towards. 

But something is missing… It’s the freedom of being able to travel back home. We have always made sure we have money in the bank for a trip home. And now, it’s just sitting there waiting (resisting the urge to spend it). Our Premier, Mark is doing a fantastic job and we were so damn close to a date release on the border opening until god damn Victoria got sick again. And the worst part is that it’s regional Victoria (where we want to go) that suffers from Melbourne’s shit storm.

What are we going to do hey? Really, there’s not much we can do. I feel sorry for Victoria, being put back into lockdown, stuck at home, events cancelled again. I honestly don’t know if I could handle a second wave in WA, so it’s probably a good thing our borders remain shut to block the sick people out. But it still sucks. Thank god for Face-Time. It’s our saviour and Azalea loves it. She grabs the TV remote, pretends it’s a phone and sits and smiles and talks to Nana, Pop, Uncle C & GiGi, with Uncle C getting the big smiles (thinks he’s the favourite). But after each FaceTime call ends, it hurts a little more each time as you really don’t know when the next real visit will be. 

I also miss my friends. I try to keep in contact with them and chat on Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat but I find myself shutting people out and not staying in contact because it is quite hard being so far away and not being able to just call round to their houses for a cuppa. I do the same thing to people around Perth though. I should get out more and see my friends in Perth, organise catch ups, but even though I love them all, I struggle to spend time with them when I rarely get to see the Victorian friends.

So I just hope this god damn second wave disappears soon and we can go visit everyone. Azalea grows, learns new things and is so god damn cute that I want to be able to share that (in person) with my family and friends. 

Finishing up on my Rona Rant, how do I get through COVID-19? I just do. Some days, I have all the motivation, I shop, clean, cook, work and be a Mum. Then the next day, I’ll cry, watch movies and cuddle on the couch with Azalea. I guess dealing with Rona is pretty much doing whatever works for you. We are lucky here (and hopefully continue to be) and my heart breaks for my Victorian peeps. I am thinking of you all, even if I don’t always show it.

Lets hope it’s all over soon x

Sammy x

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