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Putting yourself out there…

I’ve always been a shy person. So for me, putting myself out there and out of my comfort zone is a huge deal. And I try to be as open as possible but generally I still have a part of me that will shy away, shut people out or put it in the too hard basket.

Recently I have noticed more and more small businesses being real on their social medias. In particular, I have been following Heidi Anderson. She’s a real go-getter type of gal and has struggled with so many things that resinate with me personally. Anxiety, body issues and more recently first-time parenting. I’ve followed her social media for a while now but haven’t really stepped up my own game yet. I’ve been slightly more productive in the graphic side of things on my Instagram and Facebook but in terms of showing myself, family and business in a more personal way, I have lacked.

There is always that self doubt that people will not like me talking about my personal crap when I’m a business that sells design services and giftware. Or people will just skip past my posts and I will go to all the effort of posting for no response or interaction. But I feel like these days, people are resinating with small businesses more because they are showing they aren’t human, they make mistakes (or as Heidi says “FUCK UPS”), they aren’t perfect and it takes a god damn HUGE effort to run a small business and all that goes into keeping it going.

Today I began the FREE 3-day ‘Power of PR’ challenge with Heidi and I’ve already learnt so much. I’ve seen some amazing gals share their business stories in our Facebook group and am slowly getting the courage to start doing lives and be more active physically in my social media (even though my sidekick, Little Miss is totally cuter to look at than me).

I want to have the confidence to show up to my followers, even on the bad days. The days where my hair hasn’t been washed, I’m in daggy clothes or the house is a mess. I can’t wait to finish this little challenge with Heidi and also start a challenge all the way from UK, from a fellow designer @_abidesign, in the hope that I can begin videos and lives into my socials, gain some response and interaction and finally more sales in the long run. It scares the hell out of me but it is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I think will feel very proud once I get my butt into gear!

What’s something that scares the SHIT out of you but you really want to do? Share it with me! No shame and nothing too silly for my ears! It can be something big or something small. It’s all about helping each other reach our goals, so perhaps I can help you achieve it or even give one hell of a pep talk! Heidi and Abi have both given me the kick up the butt I needed and I can't thank them enough.

So stay tuned on my socials for more of ME!

Sammy x

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