Welcome to my Blog! – Redd Canal Design & Gifts

Welcome to my Blog!

If you’re reading this, then WELCOME! You’ve decided to take time out of your busy life and read about all the highs and lows of being Sammy Reddie… Oh shit I mean Sammy Canal. Eight months married and I still say my maiden name, online shopping, at the doctors… Ssssh don’t tell Brad.

So who is this person talking gibberish, writing terrible English and using shit in the first paragraph of her new blog? Sammy CANAL is the name and I’m the proud creator and owner of Redd Canal Design and Gifts. What’s that you ask? Well it’s my freelance graphic design business that I started a few years ago. Redd? Can’t you spell, it’s Red? Well, I can, but my maiden name is Reddie and my married name is Canal and well, you get the drift.

But why is a graphic designer starting a blog? Well why the hell not? If you’ve tuned in to try to be a graphic designer and learn all my tricks and gimmicks, then shit you’re out of luck. This blog is purely an online diary, a place to vent and share with family, friends and anyone else who tunes in. But most importantly a place to write things that may resinate with others, a place to have a laugh, a cry and a place for me to have something to do (because apparently raising a one year old, running a household and your own business just isn’t enough things for me to do). 

Lets step back to who is Sammy Canal. I’m a first-time mum to Azalea (who you’ll see featured lots on my website and social media!), wife to Bradley, self-confessed chocoholic, Hawthorn fanatic, Kmart-addict, always in exercise clothes (minus the exercise), country girl. 

Being a mum is a full-time job (especially when they start moving) but I also still love to create and design, so I continue to work from home between nappy changes, housework, running around after a one year old, and all the other fun stuff. 

So, what was life like for me before becoming a mum? A born and bred country girl from a small town in Victoria. I graduated from high school ten years ago (WOW has it really been that long?), and decided to pursue a career in design. I studied Graphic Design for three years at University, worked for a few businesses as a designer, and then ventured out on my own and started freelancing.

Outside of work life, I fell in love, travelled a lot (which also included moving across the Nullabor from Victoria), got married and well you know the rest. Well you might not but if you keep tuning into my blogs then maybe you’ll eventually find out.

For people that know me, I’m not one to share a lot about myself. But I want to be more open, start to write these blogs (even if I’m not the world’s best writer) and just maybe my triumphs or fails, badly written stories, or Azalea pictures will make someone smile (because we all need a bit more smiles these days). 

If you don’t like badly written blogs, the word shit or don’t want to keep tuning in… then that’s completely fine. I’m not here to get thousands of blog views. I just want to have a crack, try something new and have some fun. What I would love though, that you stick around long enough to check out my website. I’ve worked hard trying to make it look good, display my design work and attempt to sell my work (even though I am terrible at talking myself up).

If you want some design work done… then HIT ME UP! Email reddcanal@outlook.com and lets get creating! I’m also open to chat to anyone who needs an ear to listen. Design related or not, these days it’s so important to keep chatting, checking in on people and trying to smile, even on the bad days.  

If you’re still reading and keen to see more then stay tuned… I’ve got lots to share!

Sammy x

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