About – Redd Canal Design & Gifts


I’m the proud creator and owner of Redd Canal Design and GiftsWhat’s that you ask? Well it’s my freelance graphic design business that I started a few years ago. Redd? Can’t you spell, it’s Red? Well, I can, but my maiden name is Reddie and my married name is Canal and well, you get the drift. 

I’m a first-time mum to Azalea (who you’ll see featured lots on my website and social media!), wife to Bradley, self-confessed chocoholic, Hawthorn fanatic, Kmart-addict, always in exercise clothes (minus the exercise), country girl. 

Being a mum is a full-time job (especially when they start moving) but I also still love to create and design, so I continue to work from home between nappy changes, housework, running around after a toddler, and all the other fun stuff. 

So, what was life like for me before becoming a mum? A born and bred country girl from a small town in Victoria. I graduated from high school ten years ago (WOW has it really been that long?), and decided to pursue a career in design. I studied Graphic Design for three years at University, worked for a few businesses as a designer, and then ventured out on my own and started freelancing.

Outside of work life, I fell in love, travelled a lot (which also included moving across the Nullabor from Victoria), got married and well you know the rest. Well you might not but maybe one day you will.

I’m not one to write about myself or share a lot about me. But I want to be more open, start to write some blogs (even if I’m not the world’s best writer) and just maybe my triumphs or fails, badly written stories, or Azalea pictures will make someone smile (because we all need a bit more smiles these days). 

If you’re still reading about me… THANK YOU! I hope I didn’t bore you all too much. This website isn’t just about selling myself to design something for you (because I’m really not great at selling myself). It’s about connecting with people, having a laugh, and even having a cry some days too, because that’s reality. We can’t all be alright every minute of every day and sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered. 

I have recently expanded the design business to include a range of giftware and I hope you all enjoy looking around the shop. And hopefully find something you like! I'm always happy to think outside the box when it comes to a custom design or completely random idea... just ask me!

If you want to work together and create something design related… AWESOME! Shoot me an email at reddcanal@outlook.com. Or if you just want to chat, that’s cool too! And if you’re here just to stalk me and find out what all the highs and lows of being Sammy are, then that’s fine too (just don’t sit out front of my house and do it)!

Enjoy x